What do I do if my claim is denied? | David W. Magann

What do I do if my claim is denied?

Maybe you have been denied VA health-care, benefits, pensions or VA education. Perhaps your disability compensation award is insufficient.

It is possible to file an appeal. A claimant has one year from the date of the notification of a VA decision to file an appeal. You are permitted to appeal a complete or partial denial. The only aspects you are not permitted to appeal are the needs for medical care and the type of medical treatment or medication that physicians may or may not recommend.

To file an appeal, the claimant must submit a Notice of Disagreement. This is just a written statement attesting to the fact that you disagree with the finding of your local VA office and that you want to appeal it. Appeals should be filed at the local VA office that issued the decision with which you disagree.

The Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC, includes the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. This board is responsible for reviewing appeals. Because these board members are attorneys knowledgeable with veterans’ law and benefit claims, it is important to have a legal representative work with you on your appeal.