Why You May Need An Attorney | David W. Magann

Why You May Need An Attorney

Think it’s a good idea to handle your veterans disability compensation claim without an attorney?

You may want to think again.

Filing a claim for a medical or disability issue is notoriously slow and often frustrating. Sometimes, claims can be “in the system” for years. Receiving an initial decision on your case usually takes nearly 200 days. When it comes to appeals, a decision may not come for several hundred more days.

Finding a veterans claims attorney with experience is a smart approach. After all, it is not easy to prove that a disability occurred due to military service.

Your medical evidence must be clear enough to prove to VA that your current condition is connected to the in-service event – this is called “service connection” or “nexus.” Without a service connection, all the evidence in the world of a current medical condition and an event in service will not result in an award of benefits.

Filing a claim on your own without supplying the proper documentation can slow down an already slow process. This can put your health and well-being at risk.

Military law and the claims process can be very complex. Thankfully, attorneys three years ago were granted permission to participate in the early part of the process for veterans.

If a claimant is able to prove the disability or illness is connected to an in-service event, there is still another issue to contend with: By how much did the in-service event contribute to the current condition?

Compensation can vary from $123 a month to more than $3100 a month, depending on how many dependents you have and your level of disability. The final compensation figure for your case will be based on how your disability interferes with your life and an assessment of your medical records.

With such a complex and time-consuming process to consider, it is best to have a veterans claims attorney get involved as soon as possible.